Bards on foil / on roll

The advantage of bards cut to size and laid out on foil, is triple:

• Enormous savings on man-hours when laying the bards in your paté moulds.

• Bards fitted to your paté moulds always guarantee a correct overlap and a better looking end product.

• The filling of the moulds and the manipulation after the heat treatment are done in a more hygienic way as the product is film-protected.

With this industrial product you win several times:
• Enormous savings on man-hours when rolling up your meat products in bard.
• No costly cutting losses.
• A better looking end product compared to the traditional covering of meat products with fat.
• Reduced weight losses.
Furthermore, if you are using collagen food film, you win again, since we can provide the rolls with collagen food film, which saves you an extra manipulation. Ideal for the production of smoked meat products and for an easy removal of any net around the products (e.g. Filet de Saxe).



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